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Thursday 9 September 2010

My Birthday Cards

I been very lucky and have recieved so many beautiful handmade cards for my birthday heres some pics of them all. Thankyou so much for the and the little gifts that came with them.

Top Row: Sarah aka Rainmac, Christine aka Hassy, Scatty Jan
Bottom Row: Ali, Wanna Be Rich, Debbie

Top Row: Tom's Mum, Addams, CT1972
Bottom Row: Rusty, Elysia2003 , Flourgirl

Top Row: BunBun, KMS26
Bottom Row: OAP1945, The Wife

Top Row: Mad Frog, Fife folle
Bottom Row: Gemm85, Soma

And last but not least cards that Aimee & Rhys made for me.


Susan (aka TomsMom) said...

What a lovely lot of the most beautiful cards, it must have been a thrill to open them all this morning.

Addams said...

What a lovely lot of cards. Hope you had a good day

Ali said...

Lovely cards there - glad you are having a lovely day xxx

Julie (elysia2003) said...

And the most precious ones are the two at the bottom!

What a lovely lot of cards. It show's what a lovely person you are, to receive all of those.

Have a happy day.

Julie (elysia2003) xxx

Marg said...

Lovely cards Jenny - Hope you had a brilliant day - I hadn't forgotten you, I posted your card on Tuesday so sorry, no idea what the postie has done with it. xx

Highland Handmade said...

Beautiful cards Jennie, but the best ones out of all of them are the ones from Aimee & Rhys! xxx

Karen said...

What a fabulous collection of cards, plus 2 little treasures from your children. I hope you have had a lovely day xx

CT19720 said...

Beautiful cards Jenny with special ones from your children. Glad you have had a really good day xxx

Fifi Folle said...

Lovely cards especially the ones from the kids! Hope you've had a lovely day. x

Jennie - The Crafty Wife said...

It's lovely to see that your little ones have your talent too, all so very beautiful.

Uma said...

how lucky are you! I'm looking forward to Sunday now!

Sarah said...

So glad you had a fab birthday, what a wonderful selection of cards, lucky you xxx